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What is the vision for Attleborough Sustainable Urban Extension?

A new community that complements the historic market town of Attleborough with well-designed new neighbourhoods, linked by a linear park.

High quality, sustainable new homes designed for all ages will allow people to put down roots and inspire a new generation. Attractive, inclusive, and biodiverse green spaces will connect the community, encouraging them to gather for leisure, sport and play. With schools and community facilities at its heart, this new community will be designed to foster community health and wellbeing.


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Local centre that complements Attleborough and creates jobs for local people

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Hands on landscape with local food production

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A place for all ages, allowing people to put down roots and inspiring a new generation


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Attractive, biodiverse green spaces providing opportunity for community to gather

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New neighbourhoods, high quality streets and spaces connected through a linear park

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Energy efficient, high quality and sustainable new homes


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Inclusive spaces for sport, play and creativity

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Schools and facilities at the heart of the community

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Quality design and facilities to support health and well being